Up and coming…

There a a few new coffees to check out this week.  Just in is Konga from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.  This coffee is sweet as all get out and should be enjoyed right now at its peak of flavor.  Look for classic lemon, blossom and honey notes that are truly enchanting and unique to coffees of this … Continue reading


A quick note of some exciting coffee news.  First off, we’re pleased to announce a micro-lot from producer Kenny Idrobo.  This is a La Golondrina coffee grown in Timbio, Colombia.  It will be a micro lot that is EXTREMELY LIMITED and will probably start pouring this coming Wednesday and will be gone by the weekend.  … Continue reading

New Coffees

There are several exciting coffees on the menu these days: FINCA KILIMANJARO is making a quick appearance on the drip menu; this coffee from Aida Batlle’s jewel of a farm in Santa Ana, El Salvador was a huge favorite last year, and this year should be no different – with strains of strawberry and citrus, … Continue reading

Of coffees and scones

We are very excited to announce that starting Monday, we will have sweet and savory scones – baked by the lovely folks over at Betty’s Speakeasy – available in the morning in addition to the usual pastry and bagel lineup from Four Worlds Bakery; at last we have stumbled upon the sconiest scone of Philadelphia!  … Continue reading

Apollo in the NY Times, new coffees and Esmeralda Special

There are a few really exciting tid bits to clue everyone in on so we’ll try to make this brief.  First off, NY Times coffee writer Oliver Strand blogs about our new Espresso Apollo.  Though we aren’t mentioned by name we are one of the three coffee bars in the United States who were involved … Continue reading

A new name for a new espresso

Counter Culture Coffee has been quietly revealing a new and un-named espresso over this past month in select cafes and we have been honored to be among the chosen.  We’ve been calling it Espresso “X.”  It is a bright, clean and sweet espresso that bounces on the palate and reminds us of citrus, caramelized butter, … Continue reading

WBC and other coffee updates

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a three day event, this year in London, UK, that we know as the World Barista Championship.  National Barista Champions from over 50 countries will be represented in this the 11th annual WBC and will battle it out for the title of World Barista Champion.  This year a special feature … Continue reading

Four Worlds in the media, new coffees on the horizon, and more…

First off, we would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt support for our first birthday.  The party was a smash success and much merriment was had.  Thanks so much! We would also like to acknowledge the wonderful recognition that Michael Dolich at Four Worlds Bakery has received from GRID magazine.  It is well deserved … Continue reading

Coffee News

Shakisso and Ndaroini – two staunch favorites – have left us for a bit.  As the newest addition to the coffee menu, we are currently offering Kiryama from Kayanza, Burundi.  This coffee creates a delightful cup of sweet orange citrus and pomegranate notes; as with the Bwayi last year, it’s very exciting to have a … Continue reading

Coffee Update and T Shirt Design Contest

We have a couple of new coffees to add to our coffee offerings: Valle Del Santuario – San Ignacio, Peru A coffee of superb sweetness.  Lots of cocoa, almond, and cherry notes.  Extremely clean and delicious.  This will be our featured coffee for the next month or so. Michicha – Sidama, Ethiopia One of the … Continue reading