About Ultimo Coffee


1900 S. 15th Street  •  Philadelphia, PA 19145

Phone: 215.339.5177

Graduate Hospital (opening October, 2012)

2149 Catharine Street  •  Philadelphia, PA 19146

Phone: 215.545.3565

Owners: Aaron & Elizabeth Ultimo

Ultimo Coffee has two locations in Philadelphia: One is a coffee bar in the Newbold neighborhood of South Philadelphia which operates in conjunction with BREW, a boutique take-out bottle beer shop.  The other is a coffee bar in the neighborhood just south of Center City called Graduate Hospital.

22 Responses to “About Ultimo Coffee”
  1. Betty Ortiz says:

    Anxiously waiting for opening day!
    South Philly is in for a great treat, awesome coffee!

  2. Joshua says:

    Hi! I’m interested in previewing the opening – can you please reply to me or direct me to a proper press/media contact?


  3. MDT says:

    Love seeing the shop come together. Any chance of a visit to DC on the weekend of June 27th? Meatfest needs you! Good luck to you guys with the new venture. Cant wait to come visit!

  4. Ilya says:

    Hi, also interested… let me know when you guys open!

  5. drew says:

    2 things…
    1. i want one of those buttons
    2. i want to come for the opening
    pittsburgh drew

  6. Jason R. says:

    Aaron and Liz- Awesome! Congratulations. I’ve got a friend (well, she’s my little sister’s friend) in Philly; I’ll let her know to check you out.

  7. tombridge says:

    This is so exciting! Congratulations, guys!

  8. Sarah Allen says:

    Can’t wait to visit sometime soon! It looks like you guys are doing an awesome job. Congratulations!

  9. Jessica says:

    I love your passion for counter culture, Its my favorite brand of coffee… Just wondering if you will be opening up the shop to any artist or art shows?

  10. Rebecca Heneise says:

    Congratulations! I have heard many wonderful things about your coffee shop. Always the best to you.

  11. Janet says:

    So great to meet you this past weekend Elizabeth! Glad to see you’re composting in the city, too. Do residents just stop by and take it from the stoop?
    Stop by Gimme next time you’re in NYC or Upstate NY.

  12. Sarah says:

    Hi Elizabeth & Aaron! So glad to find your coffeehouse. I’ll be taking my first trip to Philadelphia for a big annual Anthropology conference next week (1st-6th) — my doctoral research is on the global coffee industry and in the process I’ve become highly interested in the specialty industry here in the US (though my research focus is Southeast Asia, quality, and value). Looking forward to my second Counter Culture experience and first time at Ultimo!

    • aultimo says:

      Would love to chat with you whenever you’re in. Let us know when you come by and thanks for the interest!

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks for your reply — I’ll swing by tomorrow morning and then hopefully make it again (perhaps on Friday if you have a cupping scheduled?) with a few other coffee researchers/geeks in tow.

  13. Randy says:

    I love your travel mugs…I’d like to buy one but live in ATL GA. Also, where did you find that melitta system that you use in the shop?

  14. pat campbell says:

    nice meeting you aaron…enjoy colorado’s sunshine and espressos!

  15. brandon musser says:

    Hey Ultimo family,
    I’m writing in request of some experienced advice. I am starting to get greatly interested in pourover. There seems to be such a great divide between those who use Beehouse and Hario drippers. I am aware that Ultimo uses Beehouse, but I am curious as to why? Why not Hario? Why not Melitta? I hope to get some nice info from you guys.

Check out what others are saying...
  1. […] 12 Jul 15th and Mifflin is where the sommeliers of the coffee world congregate in South Philadelphia. Of the handful of “serious” coffee shops that have popped up in Philadelphia the past couple of years, Ultimo Coffee is the only one located south of Washington Avenue. It is also the only one connected to a beer boutique (called “Brew,” which may or may not follow the you-break-it-you-buy-it boutique mantra.) You won’t find Bud, Pabst, or Miller here, lager lovers. Brew seems to be as particular/snooty about their beer as Ultimo is about their coffee. Ultimo is one of the coffee shops around the U.S. that jumped on the Japanese pour over method. Some folks call it the “hand pour” method, which might be more accurate. Essentially each cup of coffee is made to order by the barista’s hand. The beans are ground and then emptied into a small filter that rests on top of your cup. Boiling water is poured overtop the grounds slowly, slowly through the slender neck of the kettle. The whole process takes about four minutes, which is about 3.5 minutes longer than it takes your Keurig at home. Four minutes is no time at all, though, for coffee connoisseurs who flock to Ultimo for the profound taste of a Counter Culture pour over cup. Connoisseurs are at high density on Friday at 5:00 when Ultimo offers a complimentary “cupping” (a professional coffee tasting). To be honest, I am not a coffee or beer connoisseur. Still, I feel totally at ease at 15th and Mifflin. The workers at Ultimo and Brew are accessible and not at all arrogant even though they obviously possess know-how.The atmosphere is clean and funky and the Wi-Fi is consistent. Snacks are fair-traded, but expensive. Overall, a good place to go with a buddy or a laptop and refresh your palate with a most sophisticated beverage. https://ultimocoffee.wordpress.com […]

  2. […] find an open layout with rustic and industrial features and design.  Your first stop will be Ultimo’s coffee counter.  Order yourself a hand poured drip coffee – we had the house brew, cafe […]

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