Up and coming…

There a a few new coffees to check out this week.  Just in is Konga from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.  This coffee is sweet as all get out and should be enjoyed right now at its peak of flavor.  Look for classic lemon, blossom and honey notes that are truly enchanting and unique to coffees of this ilk.  Also, we have a new coffee from Huehuetenango called Concepcion Huista.  This coffee is all body with lots of chocolate and berry sweetness.  Lastly, we will be featuring a guest espresso from Ecco Caffe’ this coming weekend.  Look for  Cidro Naranjo Roblar from El Salvador starting this Thursday for as long as supplies last.  This coffee is electric with lots of citrus, dried fruit and sugar.  It is truly exceptional and not to be missed.

On the horizon is the return of the Kiryama Spritzer for this years Wheat Beer Festival (May 21) as well as the coming of some old favorites to the coffee menu including Finca Nueva Armenia and Finca El Puente!


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