New Coffees

There are several exciting coffees on the menu these days:

FINCA KILIMANJARO is making a quick appearance on the drip menu; this coffee from Aida Batlle’s jewel of a farm in Santa Ana, El Salvador was a huge favorite last year, and this year should be no different – with strains of strawberry and citrus, it is sweeter than ever.  It seems there are, unfortunately, very limited quantities available, but we have a few retail bags left, and you should try a cup while you can!

ECCO ESPRESSO is our next Guest Espresso!  We are currently pulling this as a straight shot, or feel free to ask for it in a macchiato or cappuccino.  This espresso is Ecco Caffe’s signature blend and is delightfully sweet and round with citrus and caramel notes.  This makes a great contract to the Apollo 2.1 – be sure to give it a try this week!

The drip menu will continue to change in the coming weeks, but we are also pleased to have Los Luchadores from El Salvador back this year, and we’ll see a return of the Shakisso from Ethiopia this week as well.  Enjoy them all!


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