Four Worlds in the media, new coffees on the horizon, and more…

First off, we would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt support for our first birthday.  The party was a smash success and much merriment was had.  Thanks so much!

We would also like to acknowledge the wonderful recognition that Michael Dolich at Four Worlds Bakery has received from GRID magazine.  It is well deserved and we are nothing but proud to continue to feature delicious bread and croissants from Four Worlds Bakery.  His baked goods and his commitment to artistry and quality are the reasons we continue our daily pilgrimages to his bakery at 5:50 every morning.  Well done Michael!

We are also proud to announce that this Tuesday we will have a new guest espresso on our third grinder.  This one comes to you from the wonderful people at Ecco Caffe’ in Sonoma California.  We will be pulling shots of their lovely and limited Finca El Mirador from El Salvador.  Preliminary tastes of this coffee promise a delicious experience for the lucky few who will taste it.  Stop on by and get a shot while our supply lasts!

Lastly, we are saddened to announce that we have precious few cups left of our Micro Lot Golondrina from producers Manuel Melenje and Ines Borerro.  If you haven’t tried it yet you haven’t got much time left.  Micro Lots from Counter Cultures Golondrina Project are always some of the finest coffees we taste all year.  This one is no different.  THIS WILL BE GONE BY MONDAY AFTERNOON.  Get it or be doomed to hear about how you missed out.

On the horizon: new coffee brewing device to be featured, new crop Harfusa from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia and more…

One Response to “Four Worlds in the media, new coffees on the horizon, and more…”
  1. challahman says:

    Thank you for believing in us Ultimo Coffee. Cheers to another, even better, year.

    Michael (Challahman)

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