Ultimo Coffee on Local NPR station WHYY

This story ran on Thanksgiving morning on local NPR station WHYY on Morning Edition.  We’re proud and honored to have such a wonderful little bit of recognition from our favorite local radio station.  Special thanks to Maham Rizvi for doing the piece. Advertisements

Coffee talk on NPR

A few years back Michaele Weissman, a freelance journalist, wrote a book called “God in a Cup” about the new wave of coffee happening in the world right now.  On Saturday she was on NPR’s Splendid Table.  Listen to it here!  Look for mentions of our coffee buyer Peter Giuliano and our roaster Counter Culture … Continue reading

Four Worlds in the media, new coffees on the horizon, and more…

First off, we would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt support for our first birthday.  The party was a smash success and much merriment was had.  Thanks so much! We would also like to acknowledge the wonderful recognition that Michael Dolich at Four Worlds Bakery has received from GRID magazine.  It is well deserved … Continue reading

Chemex in NYTimes Mag

From the New York Times Magazine this weekend.  Thanks to our lovely Nicky Devine for the link! The Chemex coffee maker has hardly changed since first introduced by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. It still has that familiar hourglass figure, that bentwood collar tied in place with a rawhide strap threaded through a wood bead. The … Continue reading

Philadelphia City Paper on Esmeralda and Aaron Ultimo

Philadelphia City Paper’s “Meal Ticket” gives a shout out to Esmeralda Special at Ultimo Coffee (making it’s return to Ultimo Coffee this Thursday).  We are also surprised and excited to share with you this comment from Hacienda La Esmeralda Owner, Price Peterson from the link above: “It might be of interest that Esmeralda Special coffee … Continue reading

Philadelphia Weekly recognizes Ultimo Coffee and other coffee news

We’re a bit late in posting this, but if you haven’t heard already Philadelphia Weekly just bestowed “best pour in Philadelphia” upon us and our illustrious Idido Misty Valley.  This coffee is truly a special one and as per our previous post it will not be around much longer.  In fact, next week is your … Continue reading

Coffee Updates and news…

Just some updates on coffee at the shop. In the next couple of days we will be switching up the coffee menu.  First off, we will be saying farewell to La Golondrina the delicious coffee from Organica ( the amazing organization of growers responsible for this coffee from Cauca, Colombia).  It has been a marvelous … Continue reading

Things we’ve missed while making coffee for Newbold

A couple of articles have popped up in the Washington Post about coffee in the past couple of weeks that we completely failed to notice (We are in Philly after all).  Regardless, we figured the information is fairly relevant to what we’re doing at Ultimo Coffee and thought we would share.  There is an article … Continue reading

Meal Ticket round two – “Keeping Tabs on Brew/Ultimo Coffee”

Drew Lazor over at Meal Ticket is flattering us with his attention once more.  Thanks so much for everyones encouraging response.  We look forward to opening soon. We told you about Brew, the combination beer and coffee shop from South Philly Taproom owner John Longacre, beer dude Joe Bedia and uberbarista Aaron Ultimo, earlier this … Continue reading

Our first bit of press

We’ve had a bit of pre-open press from the Philadelphia City Paper’s Meal Ticket.  Hopefully the first of many. Back in July, I mentioned a concept tentatively called “Bierista” in Feeding Frenzy: South Philly Taproom’s John Longacre and Joe Bedia are saying fall for Bierista — a 1,200-square-foot coffee shop and beer takeout that looks … Continue reading