A new name for a new espresso

Counter Culture Coffee has been quietly revealing a new and un-named espresso over this past month in select cafes and we have been honored to be among the chosen.  We’ve been calling it Espresso “X.”  It is a bright, clean and sweet espresso that bounces on the palate and reminds us of citrus, caramelized butter, honey and plum.  Espresso lovers everywhere (including us) have been raving over it.  Well, today we learned that this newest addition to Counter Cultures roster will officially be called Espresso Apollo.  It is a classy and epic moniker that we find particularly appropriate to this espresso’s character and taste.  At Ultimo Coffee we continue to be proud of our partnership with Counter Culture Coffee and would like to congratulate them on this newest step in achieving what we like to think of as near “Coffee Perfection” ~ CCC, we tip our hat to you and will gladly drink and smile.


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