Opening Day

I cannot yet fathom the overwhelming response that we received today (yesterday).  The weather was perfect.  The coffee was delicious.  The people were lovely and the energy was positive and flowing free.  I have great hope for the future of Ultimo Coffee@ brew at 15th and Mifflin.  I think we might be onto something.  Pictures … Continue reading

The wait is over

We’re officially open for business on Friday May 8 at 7 am.  We’ll bring the coffee.  You bring good cheer.  Also, Drew Lazor scooped us on this bit of information.  Running in tomorrows City Paper.  Hope to see you at the shop.

A Pulse

We’ve been busy. We are far closer than we’ve ever been.  I am very nearly able to make espresso in the space and it’s only a matter of time before I start waving strangers in for a preview/taste. P.S.  The World Barista Championship starts tomorrow.  Is this the year the US wins the title?  Only … Continue reading


We are sincerely honored to have had the opportunity to work with one Extraordinary Steve Conley, well-known coffee artist, comic artist, and graphic designer — we’re talking about Real Fame here, folks — who very patiently brought the Ultimo Coffee logo to life. Edifying note:  The crest is based on one that has roots in … Continue reading

Progress Report

We’ve made a little bit of progress at the shop.  Drywall has been installed and painting will begin soon.  The physical bar is nearing completion though there is a knot in my back the size of Texas.  It really does look beautiful though…