Cupping Friday @ 5pm

We will be opening up our cupping sessions to the public at the shop starting this Friday at 5 pm.  If you are interested in attending please email us at aaronultimo at gmail dot com.  Spaces will be limited so if you’re interested it’s better to respond as soon as possible.  See you at the … Continue reading

Things we’ve missed while making coffee for Newbold

A couple of articles have popped up in the Washington Post about coffee in the past couple of weeks that we completely failed to notice (We are in Philly after all).  Regardless, we figured the information is fairly relevant to what we’re doing at Ultimo Coffee and thought we would share.  There is an article … Continue reading

Wheat Beer Fest

Wheat Beer Fest is June 27th.  We plan to celebrate by kegging our delicious iced Bwayi (and maybe mixing it with some wheat beer type components ie. corriander and citrus)  and pumping it out by hand.  It should be a party.  Hope to see you there!

Branded Gear

Good friend Jason “Sidewinder” McClellan recently showed up on our stoop bearing gifts.  I can’t wait to judge USBC with one of these clipboards in hand.  Also, good friends Denison Witmer and Jennie Noakes got us a new tamper.  Sick kids… Speaking of branding, our first run of t-shirts have nearly run their course.  If … Continue reading

Coffee Change Up

We have made a change to our coffee menu offerings in celebration of being open for one month.  We are saying goodbye to the lovely Ariel Pajoy Micro-Lot and in its place we will be offering a delicious lot from Nyeri, Kenya called Ndaroini.  This cup features a lot of your typical Kenyan tasting notes … Continue reading