Nifty Travel Mugs

We are super-excited about these fancy travel mugs – they came in yesterday and look ready to hold some delicious, steaming coffee.  Metal outside and ceramic inside, dishwasher-safe, keeps your beverage hot, so classy – what else could you ask for from your favorite travel mug?! Get ’em here for $18/cup. Advertisements

Maestro grinder now available

Ultimo Coffee is excited to now offer a grinder for all your home coffee grinding needs.  The Maestro, made by Baratza, is one of the finest grinders in its class and features a conical burr set for consistent and complete grinding as well as multiple settings for almost all brewing styles.  Whether you’re dripping, pressing, … Continue reading

Drippers are in from Japan

Drippers are back in stock.  Simple and Elegant, we find them to be one of the finest ways to brew coffee at home.  Retailing at the store for $16.

Branded Gear

Good friend Jason “Sidewinder” McClellan recently showed up on our stoop bearing gifts.  I can’t wait to judge USBC with one of these clipboards in hand.  Also, good friends Denison Witmer and Jennie Noakes got us a new tamper.  Sick kids… Speaking of branding, our first run of t-shirts have nearly run their course.  If … Continue reading