Food Menu

We are committed to working with local farmers, serving locally-made products, and seeking out the highest-quality products to serve, so we are very excited and honored that you’ll be able to find the following items in the shop and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do:

  • Maplehofe Dairy Milk ~ We serve all espresso drinks and stock the condiment bar with the extremely sweet, creamy milk from this small, local dairy of grass-fed cows; no hormones here, please.
  • Four Worlds Bakery ~ Hands-down the most amazing croissants and the best baguettes in the city, and now bagels too! Everything is baked fresh every single morning (usually still warm when we pick up the order).  Our favorite: Almond Creme Croissant with hand-made almond paste surrounded by buttery goodness.
  • The above-mentioned bagels (plain, sesame, or everything) are available with heavenly Green Meadow Farm butter, Apple Tree Goat Dairy chevre, fig spread, and/or thick Peach Butter (also through Green Meadow Farm)…or good ole Philadelphia cream cheese.
  • Betty’s Speakeasy ~ From this local and sustainable-minded kitchen, we are lucky to have sweet and savory buttery scones (the best we’ve tasted in Philadelphia), fruit crumble bars made with whatever fruit is in season and available (favorites include blueberry and peach-sour cherry), award-winning cupcakes (various versions of chocolate, carrot cake, coconut, etc.), and lemon pound cake.
  • {coco love} ~ Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth whoopie pies, chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies, and refreshing, beautiful little shortcake cookies with the most delicate of flavors.  If you have not tried any of these beauties, you are truly missing out – they are locally-made with the best ingredients, and are very reasonably priced.
  • Michele’s Granola out of Baltimore + Pequea Valley Farm’s thick, creamy yogurt may be one of the best combinations ever.  Available with local, organic fruit when it’s in season (currently we have loads of peaches and raspberries!).

We are happy to announce that in addition to the amazing pastries and breakfast goodies we are serving in the morning (the yogurt & granola has been referred to as positively addictive by more than one), you can also get sandwiches when you stop into Ultimo Coffee.

We are serving vegetarian sandwiches with local, organic ingredients — all prepared on Four Worlds Bakery bread.  Ingredients will change as seasons change, but here is what we have available for now:

Chevre + Peaches + Honey ~ Apple Tree Goat Dairy goat cheese spread on a Four Worlds baguette topped with slices of sweet yellow peaches from Kauffman’s Fruit Farm in Lancaster County and drizzled with raw wildflower honey.

Tomato + Mozarella + Basil ~ Hand-made mozzarella from Claudio’s, Lancaster County tomatoes and basil, and sea salt on Four Worlds baguette – a classic taste of the Summer’s Best.

Chevre + Roasted Red Pepper Spread + Baby Arugula ~ Apple Tree Goat Dairy goat cheese spread on a Four Worlds baguette with roasted red pepper spread and baby greens from Lancaster County.

Chevre + Black Olive Tapenade + Baby Arugula ~ Apple Tree Goat Dairy goat cheese spread on a Four Worlds baguette with kalamata olive tapenade and baby greens from Lancaster County.

Creamy Hummus + Baby Arugula ~ Generous portions of Chef Scott’s hummus (from the South Philly Taproom) and organic baby arugula on thick slices of Four Worlds multi-grain.

Baguette Sandwiches

Come and enjoy!

One Response to “Food Menu”
  1. Friend of the Whyte Cat says:

    Very happy to see Milwaukee represented here!!! Excited about the shop.

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