A quick note of some exciting coffee news.  First off, we’re pleased to announce a micro-lot from producer Kenny Idrobo.  This is a La Golondrina coffee grown in Timbio, Colombia.  It will be a micro lot that is EXTREMELY LIMITED and will probably start pouring this coming Wednesday and will be gone by the weekend.  Get some if you can.

We are also excited to see Finca Kilimanjaro nominated for a Good Food Award this year.  We will be out of it soon, but look for more following the winners announcement the first week of December.  We’re looking to secure a little bit more to celebrate.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Lastly, check out our newest coffee Atu Lintang from Jagong, Sumatra.  This is the first micro lot from this region that we know of.  It is astonishingly clean, bright and fruity while it still holdimg that classic spice and depth that we love in Sumatran coffee.  Enjoy this coffee while we have it because coffees like this don’t last.

More change ups on the horizon as we say farewell to our current feature Finca Mauritania, but welcome back an old friend – Valle Del Santuario from St. Ignacio, Peru.


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