Coffee Menu

We are very proud to be working with Counter Culture Coffee, a top-notch and internationally-recognized coffee roaster based in Durham, NC.  Aaron has been working with their coffee for many years now, and we aim at all times to do justice to their great work and the relationships they have cultivated with so many producers of fine coffee around the world.

Currently available from the Chemex until 11am every morning:

El Gaivlan from Quilanga, Ecuador

Current selections available from the Custom Brew Bar at any time of the day:

El Gaivlan from Quilanga, Ecuador

Baroida from Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Bufcafe from Butare, Rwanda

Luz del Carmen Alverca Microlot  Palanda, Ecuador

RISHI TEA ~ Based out of Milwaukee, these guys are serious about great tea and sustainability.  We selected a range of teas we will serve: Earl Grey and China Breakfast (black), Jade Cloud and Genmaicha (green), and Chamomile, Peppermint, and Rooibos (herbal/uncaffeinated).


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