WBC and other coffee updates

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a three day event, this year in London, UK, that we know as the World Barista Championship.  National Barista Champions from over 50 countries will be represented in this the 11th annual WBC and will battle it out for the title of World Barista Champion.  This year a special feature has been added to the festivities.  The project known as Go Live has enlisted hundreds of coffee shops from around the globe  to participate and support the event by becoming official streaming locations for live viewing.  We have decided to be one of these viewing locations and we invite you to join us starting at open tomorrow in enjoying this special event together.

We are also honored to be currently featuring some amazing coffees including a new and exciting experimental espresso.  First off, starting this weekend Ultimo Coffee will be welcoming back the illustrious Finca El Puente as our featured coffee.  This beauty from Marysabel Cabellero and Moises Herrera in Marcala, Honduras is a perennial favorite and this year it is simply extraordinary.  Preliminary tastings have already revealed the lovely ripe plum and purple tones as well as the rich silky body and sweetness that earns this coffee its nickname the “Purple Princess.”  Please join us in celebrating this coffee over the months to come.

Finally, it is with great excitement that we have been enjoying and serving a new and experimental espresso from Counter Culture Coffee that we have been referring to as Espresso X.  It is a work in progress from our roaster and their answer to the growing demand for espressos that push the limits of brightness, fruit and sweetness.  In the coming months it will be officially launched by Counter Culture with a complete story and a new identity, but in the mean time we are honored to be working in partnership with them in the beta test of this delicious espresso.  Espresso X  is currently a lovely blend of Valle del Santuario from St. Ignacio, Peru and Harfusa from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.  As is true of any blend, as the seasons change so will the components of the espresso (rumor has it that some coffees from El Puente will be incorporated next).  Despite this, the idea and flavor profile will remain the same – light, citrus-y and buttery sweet and able to bring a smile to even the darkest day.  Try it today!

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