We perform a professional coffee tasting, or cupping, every Friday at 5 pm at the shop at 15th and Mifflin.  It is free and open to the public.  If you would like to attend please email us at aaron at ultimocoffee dot com or call us at 215.339.5177 and let us know you’re coming.  Hope to see you at the cupping table!

6 Responses to “Cupping”
  1. Hi Aaron,

    I just moved into the neighborhood, discovered Ultimo and was talking to an employee about coffee tasting.

    He suggested I come by for a cupping, which would be my first.

    I likely cannot make it at 5:00 – that is when I get off work. If you are ever able to push it back 30 minutes or so, I would come!

    In any case, I am really enjoying having Ultimo in my ‘hood, it is a great place.


    • aultimo says:

      Email me and let me know in advance when you were planning to attend and we can see about pushing back the start time. Thanks for your interest!

    • Matt says:

      I also would love to come to a cupping(s), but do not usually get out of work until 5:30. I feel like something closer to 6:00 would fit more easily into a lot of people’s work schedules. Just a suggestion.

      Keep up the good work!

  2. joe says:

    Great place in a great neighborhood. Thanks for bring us back from the brink!

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