It’s official


Progress Report

We’ve made a little bit of progress at the shop.  Drywall has been installed and painting will begin soon.  The physical bar is nearing completion though there is a knot in my back the size of Texas.  It really does look beautiful though…

Days of hardwood

I’ve been spending my days lately building out the bar.  With the framework done I have finally gotten to the exciting part – affixing the facade.  We were able to source it through Denison Witmer who discovered this wood in it’s previous life as the flooring for moving trucks.  I can’t help but feel that … Continue reading

Face lift

The windows should match the garage door well.  It’s starting to look sexy.

Crawling along

It’s cold today in Philadelphia.  So I figured it was a great time to hop on my bike and see how we were faring down at 1900 south 15th St., a little place we like to call Ultimo Coffee, though it will probably be more readily known as Brew.  No matter, it’s a place that … Continue reading

We have garage door!

We’re continuing our hot pursuit of an open date.  At this point it’s looking like a mid- January unveiling, but don’t hold me to that.  This week there are plans to begin finishing the bar and install electrical.  That means insulation and sheet rock are not far behind.  In the meantime I am pleased to … Continue reading

Longing for our espresso machine

In the early stages of our planning, Daryn Berlin of Counter Culture Coffee called us up to say that he had found a great espresso machine opportunity for us: A custom La Marzocco GB5 that was going to be featured at Slow Food Nation in San Francisco that following week.  We (well, maybe more me) … Continue reading

Pastry Case!

For those interested in the minutia of our buildout, some photos of the pastry case we’ve picked out.  We’re very excited to have a case that is simple and flat on the front and sits almost level with our bar surface.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a pleasing pastry case… Sorry … Continue reading

Are we there yet?

How can it be that after years of dreaming and scheming we might actually be on the cusp of starting a coffee bar?  Well, believe it or not it’s happening.  A few months back a friend approached me with the prospect of making this dream real far ahead of any plans that I had.  Our … Continue reading