Meal Ticket round two – “Keeping Tabs on Brew/Ultimo Coffee”

Drew Lazor over at Meal Ticket is flattering us with his attention once more.  Thanks so much for everyones encouraging response.  We look forward to opening soon.

We told you about Brew, the combination beer and coffee shop from South Philly Taproom owner John Longacre, beer dude Joe Bedia and uberbarista Aaron Ultimo, earlier this month. Keep tabs on the progress of the 15th-and-Mifflin project by checking out Ultimo’s blog, where he’s been posting progress shots of the buildout. (He’s using the name Ultimo Coffee to refer to the java end of the concept, while Brew refers to both the coffee and beer.)

Looks like things are coming along nicely. Last time we checked, Longacre was aiming for a February opening, though the café will likely debut before the bottle shop does.

I’m not sure how I feel about being refered to an an “uberbarista” but I guess I’ll take the compliment.  Welcome to those who found us through this article.  Feel free to browse the entries and photos.

We should have some new stuff up here soon so stayed tuned.  I’ve just gotten some preliminary logos from my designer and I’ll  be excited to share them with you as soon as we have things finalized.

15 Responses to “Meal Ticket round two – “Keeping Tabs on Brew/Ultimo Coffee””
  1. Nick says:


  2. LBHT says:

    Heard about the new place at the Newbold meeting tonight. Very excited and looking forward to showing my support!

  3. aaron ultimo says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait!

  4. kitchenplay says:

    Hi Aaron…

    there was a lot of interest in BREW at the last Newbold Neighbors meeting. I was the de facto spokesperson. But if you and/or John want to spread the word more, you should come to our next meeting: 2/23 at 6:30. Location: the library branch at morris and broad. Let me know if you think you can make it!

  5. Ben says:

    Will you be hiring at all for this cool-sounding cafe? I live nearby and would love to work for you!

  6. aultimo says:

    Kitchenplay, I will seriously consider attending next meeting. I would love to be as involved as possible in helping this community continue to grow and evolve. Thanks for the invite!

  7. aultimo says:

    We are currently staffed and ready to go, but I’m sure we’ll always be looking for good coffee enthused folks to help Ultimo Coffee be as successful as possible. Stay tuned for employment opportunities…

  8. kitchenplay says:

    Awesome! And… any word on an opening date that I could share on the blog? I plan on coming with a pack of people.

  9. UberBarista? Just say “Thank You” and keep on truckin’.

    Good luck with the new venture. I need a new reason to visit Philly. And I’ve taken to the mantra “Someday…” whenever people ask me when we’re going to be open. It’s happening, you’re just not committing to a date yet.

  10. aultimo says:

    Thanks Jay! Hope this will be reason enough to come and pay a visit.

  11. espressoberlin says:

    will you have donuts?

  12. aultimo says:

    No, espressoberlin, we will not have donuts. We want to stay focused on great coffee, but we anxiously await someone passionate enough about donuts to open up here in Philly. A fancy donuts joint would really add to our growing culinary landscape here. You wouldn’t know anyone interested in such things, would you??

  13. Aaron, I can’t wait. I’d love to be there opening day if there’s a heads up available!

  14. aultimo says:

    I will absolutely let you know. It’s looking like another month and a half…

  15. Carrie says:

    I just reviewed you guys on Yelp. Best coffee I’ve had in Philly. I’ll be trekking down weekly. Beautiful machine by the way. I’ve been waiting for a cafe like this for years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t feel at home in a city until I find a good cafe.

    (go on and some photos to the Yelp page!) Keep it up!

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