Philadelphia City Paper on Esmeralda and Aaron Ultimo

Philadelphia City Paper’s “Meal Ticket” gives a shout out to Esmeralda Special at Ultimo Coffee (making it’s return to Ultimo Coffee this Thursday).  We are also surprised and excited to share with you this comment from Hacienda La Esmeralda Owner, Price Peterson from the link above:

“It might be of interest that Esmeralda Special coffee is produced by Philadelphians. Susan Peterson was born and raised in Mayfair and Price spent 12 years teaching at the U. of P., before they emigrated to Panama 36 years ago. Our thanks to Aaron Ultimo for bringing a piece of our Panama back to Philadelphia. We hope you enjoy it.”

Also, Aaron would like to thank the Philadelphia City Paper for the nice little bit of recognition he got in the Philadelphia City Paper’s 2009 Choice Award.  He is flattered and honored to be on a list of the brightest food and drink visionaries in the city.

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  1. […] around last year to taste it this is an experience not to be missed (it even has special ties to Philadelphia!)  This is the most celebrated coffee in the world with explosive notes of bergamot, lemon, […]

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