Coffee Updates and news…

Just some updates on coffee at the shop.

In the next couple of days we will be switching up the coffee menu.  First off, we will be saying farewell to La Golondrina the delicious coffee from Organica ( the amazing organization of growers responsible for this coffee from Cauca, Colombia).  It has been a marvelous companion in our first two months as our feature coffee and we are sad to see it go, but we look forward to seeing it again when it returns this coming winter.  We can hardly wait!  We are also no longer offering the extraordinary coffee from Kayanza, Burundi – Bwayi Lot # 8.  In place of these two delicious coffees we are pleased to offer two old friends.  The first is from Finca Nueva Armenia in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.  This coffee is extremely well balanced, crisp, lightly sweet with subtle nuances of toasted nut and ripe berry.  It has been described as the perfect breakfast coffee for it’s people pleasing “drikability.”  We couldn’t agree more and hope you will too!  Lastly, it is our pleasure to announce the return of Finca El Puente from La Paz, Honduras.  The coffee has been nicknamed the “Purple Princess” for its utter regality and notes of velvety chocolate mousse, ripe ripe plum and lavender.  This year we think could be one of it’s best and we hope you enjoy it!

Also, we are excited to be featuring our first Single Origin Espresso (SOE) this coming weekend.  Unlike traditional espresso coffee, this is one coffee from one place in the world and is NOT a blend of many coffees from different parts of the world.  We are proud to be featuring for our first SOE none other than our good friend Idido Misty Valley which many of you have been enjoying as a pour at our brew bar for months now.  As an espresso this coffee offers up lovely notes of ripe strawberry, lemon, honey, and bergamot.  With supplies of this coffee drawing to a close for the year we are pleased to be able to send this coffee off in style by celbrating it as an espresso. Due to changing export laws in Ethiopia this coffee will NOT be around next year and may not ever be available again.  Don’t miss what may be your last chance to try this unique and delicious coffee – either as a poured cup or as an espresso. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

One Response to “Coffee Updates and news…”
  1. Marianne says:

    We tried the Idido Misty Valley espresso at the training venter this afternoon, and it was SO. GOOD.

    I’m excited to know that the next time we visit I can come by and get some!

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