Our first bit of press

We’ve had a bit of pre-open press from the Philadelphia City Paper’s Meal Ticket.  Hopefully the first of many.

Back in July, I mentioned a concept tentatively called “Bierista” in Feeding Frenzy:

South Philly Taproom’s John Longacre and Joe Bedia are saying fall for Bierista — a 1,200-square-foot coffee shop and beer takeout that looks to become the boldest destination in Newbold. About 40 linear feet of cooler space will house hundreds upon hundreds of domestic and international bottles hand-selected by Bedia (Stoudt’s, Yards, PBC).

Some updates on the project — it will now be called BREW (1900 S. 15th St.). The takeout, mix-a-six bottle shop concept still stands — they’ll feature between 500 and 600 selections, and they’re playing with the idea of retailing hops and “other beer geek toys.” Here’s some more on the java end: Coffee operations will be handled by Aaron Ultimo, the former Director of Coffee Quality for Washington, D.C.-based Murky Coffee. SPTR owner Longacre met Ultimo through local musician Denison Witmer*; he’s organizing a school of sorts that’ll feature regular cuppings, or coffee tastings. There’ll be some simple eats available in-house, including pastries, fresh mozzarella and the like.

Longacre says that the buildout at 15th and Mifflin will be completed in less than a month. When they reach that point, he says, it is likely that they’ll get the coffee arm of the operation up and running while waiting for their liquor license to land.

How exciting!


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