Branded Gear

Good friend Jason “Sidewinder” McClellan recently showed up on our stoop bearing gifts.  I can’t wait to judge USBC with one of these clipboards in hand.  Also, good friends Denison Witmer and Jennie Noakes got us a new tamper.  Sick kids…

Speaking of branding, our first run of t-shirts have nearly run their course.  If you need one you better get on it fast.  The good news is that we will be ordering a new run in a different color (charcoal, anyone?) any day now.  Also on the horizon are some retail items from Bodum and Baratza.  Stay tuned.

3 Responses to “Branded Gear”
  1. drew says:

    i want a t-shirt. charcoal rules! i also want that tamp…

  2. Nate Smith says:

    I’ll be in Philly next week. I would like a shirt as well. I’ll even mule some back to the loyal listeners here in Pittsburgh.


  3. MDT says:

    these are amazing! adn I need a tshirt, fo sho.

    love to the Ultmos!

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