Strada EP

In the early days of espresso preparation a barista “pulled” an espresso.  This meant that they actually pulled on a lever arm on an espresso machine activating a spring that forced a column of water down through the coffee bed producing an espresso.  It operated like a giant plunger and the barista had the opportunity … Continue reading

Espresso Apollo 5.0

We’ve been serving the newest incarnation of our seasonal espresso from Counter Culture for about a week now, and it’s settling into a wonderfully bright, sweet, clean, refreshing little cup. Come enjoy it with us! Apollo 5.0 is a single-origin washed coffee from Sidama, Ethiopia: 100% organic Shilicho.

Counter Culture Coffee Transparency Report and rising global coffee prices

Counter Culture Coffee just posted their annual transparency report which documents all of their direct trade relationships for the year.  It’s worth a look if you’re interested to know a little bit more about Counter Cultures Direct Trade Certification and their year to date with all of their producer partners.  This is really innovative stuff … Continue reading

A comic strip about rising global coffee prices

Counter Culture Coffee released a cool little comic strip featuring their coffee buyer Peter Giuliano explaining rising global coffee prices.  It’s geared a little more towards the serving side than the consuming side, but it clearly outlines an important issue.  Check it out here.

Philadelphia Inquirer Article about budding Philadelphia Coffee Scene

We are honored to have been included in a couple of feature articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer by renown food critic Craig LaBan.  It’s a flattering piece about the budding coffee scene here in Philadelphia featuring us as well as many of our coffee friends around the city.  Read it here and here.

Sign Up for the 2011 LFF CSA Program

I’m sure many of you have heard of and/or taken advantage of the goodness that comes from the Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop, a non-profit organic cooperative comprised of many Lancaster County farmers.  We get our amazing, sweet, creamy milk from them every week in addition to goat cheese, vegetables, fruit, and other treats throughout the … Continue reading

Gloria Tejada Micro Lot

This weekend and while supplies last we have a beautiful micro lot available from producer Gloria Tejada out of Popayan, Colombia.  This extremely limited coffee is on exclusive offer and we are one of the only places in the world where this coffee is available.  It is remarkable for it’s complete and simple beauty ~ … Continue reading

Staff Retreat

Ultimo Coffee will be closing early tomorrow at 6pm for our annual staff retreat. This is in no way related to the so called “Super Bowl.” Brew will remain open for beer sales until 9pm. Go Steelers.

New Ultimo Coffee T Shirts

Hot off the presses are our new Ultimo Coffee “truck”  T shirt.  Pick one up for the one you love, even if that person is you.  They are Alternative Apparel “deep purple,” super soft and made with love by Philadelphia’s own Awesome Dudes.  We have regular S,M,L,XL and girls sizes in S and M.  Enjoy!

Aida’s Grand Reserve Espresso

THIS WEEKEND ONLY, we’ll have this very special espresso available as a straight shot.  Yet another marvel from producer Aida Batlle in Santa Ana, El Salvador, her Grand Reserve is a blend of the peaberries from her three farms: Finca Kilimanjaro, Finca Los Alpes, and Finca Mauritania – a sweet and intense taste of Aida’s … Continue reading