Kiryama Prestige Cup #2

We are proud and honored to bring a very special coffee to you for the next week or so. This coffee comes to you from Kayanza, Burundi from the people at the Kiryama washing station.  We have had this coffee before, but this year is a little different.  Not only is it tasting better than ever this year but it just so happens that it comes to you with the extra recogonition of being the second place winner in Burundi’s fledgling coffee competition, the Prestige Cup!  The Prestige Cup is Burundi’s first foray into the world of coffee competitions and was held in the anticipation becoming the Cup of Excellence in 2012.  This will be only the second producing nation in Africa (Rwanda was the first) to hold a Cup of Excellence competition that has been, up until now, known for its pioneering work in Latin America.  A few words about Kiryama from Counter Culture coffee buyer Tim Hill:

Back in 2009 competition for the top lots of Burundi was fierce and a coffee that we loved was already being sought after by many other roasters. Having been to Burundi a few times ourselves, we had a good lay of the land and knew the areas we thought produced the tops coffees. Going solely off of location we scheduled a visit to Kiryama in July of that year to check out the washing station. True to the map and what we already knew about the area Kiryama was an impressive washing station. We asked to see samples of Kiryama and a few other coffees, and, without a doubt, Kiryama stood out and we ended up buying that coffee in 2009. In 2010 we partnered once again with our importer on coffee from Kiryama and were once again impressed with the quality. This past year we focused mainly on the coffee from Buziraguhindwa, but when we heard about Kiryama taking 5 of the top 10 places in the Prestige Cup we knew we had to buy some, and our importer scored this lot for us. Look for flavors of green apple, cranberry, clementine, and toffee.

We are extremely excited to offer this rare and limited cup to you for the next few days as both a traditional brew on Chemex/Brew Bar and as Espresso.  It promises to be a beautiful cup filled with deliciousness.  Please enjoy this special coffee with us!


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