BAGELS on the Menu

Every person we have mentioned this to has oohed and aahed in excitement…so we are extra-happy to announce that bagels will be available at Ultimo Coffee daily starting this Monday in addition to the usual lineup of amazing Four Worlds Bakery pastries (and other morning delights).

We will be picking up bagels every morning from our wonderful bakers at Four Worlds Bakery; since the bagels are coming from there, we know they’ll be great (and don’t worry – we also tried them just to be sure, and there were no surprises)!

Plain, Sesame, Everything…with cream cheese is good, but try with local goat cheese, butter, or peach butter for extra deliciousness.

One Response to “BAGELS on the Menu”
  1. Tim says:

    That sounds great, Guys- but how am I to choose between those and the delicious baguettes? Chevre and fig preserves may be the perfect combo.

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