Meet the Producer

We have the distinct honor of receiving part of the harvest from this year’s coffee season at Finca Nueva Berlin.  This coffee is extremely special as it is 100% Made in America!

Over several years, producer Daryn Berlin has lovingly tended his coffee tree in Chapel Hill, NC, and has been able to coax beautiful cherries from it in an unlikely region.  Mr. Berlin is not only the producer in this instance, but he is also the master roaster.

We are extremely honored to have been chosen as one of the coffee shops in which this coffee will be featured.

Mr. Berlin will be hand-delivering his coffee this afternoon to us at Ultimo Coffee, and it will be immediately available*…we invite you to come in to speak with the producer directly and receive tips on growing coffee in a non-tropical environment.

*Extremely Limited (one cup available).

3 Responses to “Meet the Producer”
  1. Jill says:

    When are you going to decide about the t-shirt???

  2. Coffee beans says:

    Congratulations! Coffee trees in North Carolina? Why am I skeptical, especially with the winters we’ve been having recently.

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