A week in retrospect.

We had a great week.  The weather was great.  The response was terrific.  We are pumped to be in Newbold.  Thanks to everyone who got us here.  Thanks to everyone who keeps us here.  We are extremely grateful.

A few photos to share from our first week.

3 Responses to “A week in retrospect.”
  1. Luke Damiani says:

    Congratulations on the opening- can’t wait to come down from Scranton! The place looks great and I like the daily coffee offerings sign- simple and elegant.

  2. Anna says:

    This is so exciting! I didn’t realize you guys were already making it happen! (A question about the pictures–what are the coolers along the back wall?)
    I hope things continue to go well. Love and coffee cheers–

  3. Lem says:


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