mmmm-yum sandwiches

We are happy to announce that in addition to the amazing pastries and breakfast goodies we are serving in the morning (the yogurt & granola has been referred to as positively addictive by more than one), you will now be able to get sandwiches when you stop into Ultimo Coffee.

We will be serving vegetarian sandwiches with local, organic ingredients — all prepared on Four Worlds Bakery bread.  Ingredients will change as seasons change, but here is an idea of what we will have available for now:

Triple Creme + Apple + Honey ~ St. Andre triple-cream cheese with Green Meadows Farm honey drizzled over thin slices of local, crisp Rome apples on a French baguette.  The perfect meeting of savory and sweet and delicious.

Chevre + Black Olive Tapenade + Arugula ~ Apple Tree Goat Dairy goat cheese spread on a French baguette with tapenade (tapenade is vegetarian: contains only black olives, extra-virgin olive oil, and salt) and greens.

Baguette Sandwiches

Garlicky Hummus + Baby Arugula ~ Helen’s Pure Hummus with a healthy dose of local arugula on soft slices of Multi-Grain bread.  This sandwich is vegan, healthy, and satisfying.

Hummus-Arugula-2 Hummus-Arugula

Come and enjoy!

One Response to “mmmm-yum sandwiches”
  1. Kim LaGree Ross says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you two.

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