We are sincerely honored to have had the opportunity to work with one Extraordinary Steve Conley, well-known coffee artist, comic artist, and graphic designer — we’re talking about Real Fame here, folks — who very patiently brought the Ultimo Coffee logo to life.

Edifying note:  The crest is based on one that has roots in the Sicilian branch of the Bourbon Family — yes, that Bourbon…

15 Responses to “Gratitude”
  1. kitchenplay says:

    Love it! So Aaron, any other news I can share with the readers of kitchenplay?

  2. Heath Henley says:

    Hey Aaron! Been tracking the feed – inspiring to say the least.

    Logo is awesome, and your last name is perfect for a shop. Muy bueno!

  3. Tim Noble says:

    That is stellar, Aaron. A real standout. Hizzah!

  4. ChefBethy says:

    will you please hurry up and open? I’m tired of driving by on my way home looking in the window hoping for some counter culture coffee!!

  5. Chef Bethy says:

    AWESOME!! I live close by and can’t wait to become a regular.

  6. MDT says:

    The man always does good work. What is this about you coming to DC a while back and not sending some love the Thomas family way? Love.

    • aultimo says:

      Always much love to the Thomas family. Nothing but love. Our trips are usually very quick, especially these days with the business nearing completion. We are, as always, looking forward to this years Festival’ de Carne. You know we’ll do everything in our power to make sure we’re there for that. Much love.

  7. dan griffin says:

    love the logo….good luck!

  8. Betty Ortiz says:

    Great logo!
    anxiously waiting for you to open….
    much love to both of you from your friends at Spruce Street Espresso

  9. Logo looks good Aaron. Any tentative opening dates?

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