First coffee


I just couldn’t wait.  The temptation was too great.  On my way out the door this morning I couldn’t resist packing my baby Chemex and a water heater along with a beautiful coffee from Byumba, Rwanda called Humure.  After lunch I kicked on the water heater and brewed a cup.  The lovely fragrance of orange and strawberry filled the room.  In a really great moment, one of the refrigeration guys working there walked by and seemed very interested and approving of so simple and beautiful a device.  When I told him that this was how we would be preparing our coffee in the bar he seemed duly impressed.  I take it as a great omen for the future of ultimo coffee.

8 Responses to “First coffee”
  1. bradly says:

    you make me feel good.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Did you invite Scott Rao?

    when are you opening up shop?

    • aultimo says:

      Hehehe, he wouldn’t want to drink my simultaneously over and under extracted brew anyway, but he’s welcome by anytime. 🙂 It’s looking like at least another month. I wish I had a more concrete date to give you. We’re just plodding along…

  3. kitchenplay says:

    There is so much good stuff happening in that picture! The bar looks beautiful.

  4. randy says:

    nice communist coffee cup

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