Face lift


The windows should match the garage door well.  It’s starting to look sexy.

5 Responses to “Face lift”
  1. Travis says:


  2. aultimo says:

    Can’t wait to have you back up here buddy. See you in Pitt!

  3. Marilyn says:

    I’m so looking forward to the opening. I’m just 2 blocks away! =)

  4. kitchenplay says:

    Hey… I live just a few blocks from 15th and Mifflin and am really excited to have you guys open. We need a coffee shop in Newbold! I’ve been sharing any updates I get about your opening on my blog… kitchenplay.blogspot.com. Please check it out. I’d also love to come see the space some time and do a post on it if there’s time. My blog gets a good amount of Newbold traffic and people definitely want to know more about the project. Thanks and good luck!

  5. aultimo says:

    Thanks for the encouraging responses! We obviously share your excitement for the space and are glad to see such a positive reception. Kitchenplay, I’ll be glad to check out the blog. As we get closer to opening I will be happy to talk to you about the project. Thanks again to everyone for the support!

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