Crawling along

It’s cold today in Philadelphia.  So I figured it was a great time to hop on my bike and see how we were faring down at 1900 south 15th St., a little place we like to call Ultimo Coffee, though it will probably be more readily known as Brew.  No matter, it’s a place that I’m dying to fill with the aroma of beautiful coffee.  I got a hot tip that the front windows were in/going in in these next days and I wanted to see what that looked like.



It’s coming along slowly and I hope that it’s only a short period of time before we open up.  I know we’ve got a ton to do before then so I suppose it’s good that it doesn’t come too quickly.  But I wish it would come quickly.  We’ve also got insulation and electrical and we’re waiting on a permit before we can have the drywall installed.


Thanks to everyone for their support, inquiry and patience.  Don’t worry Newbold – Ultimo Coffee will be there soon…

Also, this showed up at my door the other day.



I’m tempted to hook it up in the apartment until it can be installed at the shop…


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