A little Ultimo Coffee news

No extraordinary news to report, but I figured I’d give an update on where we are right now.

We are still in the buildout stage and are in the process of coming up with a lighting scheme for the bar.  We’re looking at doing the hanging bulb thing for some of our accent lighting and some simple tracks for most everything else.  We are also happy to report that our clear panel garage door is more or less installed.  Thanks to Crema Bakery and Cafe in Portland, OR for the inspiration!  The inside of ultimo coffee/brew is still very unfinished, but once the electrical and plumbing has been roughed in, drywalling will be right around the corner.  At that point things will begin to move very quickly.  I hope to have some photos up soon so stayed tuned for more new!

4 Responses to “A little Ultimo Coffee news”
  1. Jill says:

    Oh, the hanging bulb. Like at 2Amy’s? Nice choice.

  2. Dawn says:

    I can always use a little Ultimo Coffee update to my day. I have enjoyed watching your dream come to reality. That gives me hope for my husband and I to see our coffee venture come true in Christiansburg Virgina. Only we can’t even come up with a name. We have the site we have our espresso machine,grinder, the list goes on.My husband is actually already in Virginia, while I am riding out the snow days at my school where I teach in Indiana. Anyhow, I love your website and the great pictures…if you have any name ideas please send them my way. dawn

  3. BOSCO says:

    Congratulations to both of you. Your dream finally a reality. I feel very proud of you and thank for the many days of coffee talk you gave me. You were my very first introduction into the coffee world and wish you much success,

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