Pastry Case!

For those interested in the minutia of our buildout, some photos of the pastry case we’ve picked out.  We’re very excited to have a case that is simple and flat on the front and sits almost level with our bar surface.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a pleasing pastry case…

Sorry about the stock photos but you get the idea.


2 Responses to “Pastry Case!”
  1. GrayCatOlympics says:

    You know that if you buy such a pastry case you can no longer play that sad-ass hipster rock you love so dearly. Oh now, that would require, wood or formica counters. No no no, such a case would require trip-hop, chill-out comps, electro-latin-noir, jazzy tech-house, perhaps some neo-soul after dark, and if you’re really lucky ‘cool jazz’ (as lame as it is). But you can throw the Iron&Wine, Death Cab, Decemberists, or whatever scratchy sweater neutered white rock you love–OUT THE WINDOW!!

    unless of course you scratch up the counters, and cover the front in torn marxist flyers, and graffiti, then you might get away with something else. hmmm…

  2. aultimo says:

    I think that this case and our sad hipster rock will get along just fine, thank you.

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