Are we there yet?

How can it be that after years of dreaming and scheming we might actually be on the cusp of starting a coffee bar?  Well, believe it or not it’s happening.  A few months back a friend approached me with the prospect of making this dream real far ahead of any plans that I had.  Our good friend Denison called me with an opportunity to be in touch with a local visionary whose most recent project is to put a coffee bar/take out beer space in the transitioning neighborhood of “Newbold.”  John Longacre, owner of the South Philadelphia Tap Room, has long been working to revitalize the neighborhood.  After being approached again and again by folks expressing their desire for a cafe he decided to do something about it.  Knowing more about beer than coffee he decided that he would need to find someone to handle the coffee part for him, either as a manager or a separate owner.  Enter this guy.  After some discussion and brainstorming we have concluded that we should enter into a very unique relationship where John will own the beer end of the operation – offering over 800 labels for take out,  while myself and my wife Elizabeth will own the cafe part – offering the finest experience in coffee that we know.  Each business will be equally independant, but intimately intertwined.  The result is that we will be running our coffee bar, dubbed Ultimo Coffee, out of a space that will be collectively know as “Brew.”  At this point we have spoken, met, and collaborated much and the project is well underway.  The goal is to be able to be a community cornerstone, a coffee destination and a craft brew source all in one.  To the best of our ability we will be trying to design a space that is comfortable, efficient, clean, bright, inviting, and hopefully successful.  We thank the many who have contributed both emotionally, intellectually and fiscally thus far.  It promises to be a challenging but exciting journey.  I think I speak for both Elizabeth and myself when I say we are supremely excited and cannot wait to invite you to our coffee bar.  In the mean time, however, I hope this blog will suffice to keep you all plugged in on the progress and growth of Ultimo Coffee.

One Response to “Are we there yet?”
  1. peregrineespresso says:

    Wooooooo Hooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!

    The Jensens are, of course, very very excited.

    The deliciousness will make Philly cry.

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